Rabbit Control

Building a Rabbit-Proof Fence

Maintaining Rabbits away from the exterior vegetation (including trees ( that they also eat bark) needs a multi-channel approach for greatest efficacy: fencing, repellents, live seals, seals, and distractions. When it’s legal in your region and you also enjoy the taste of rabbit stew, you are able to embrace the “leader strategy:” sit from the window with a rifle or shotgun and pick off them one-by-one. Rabbit, Hare, Animal, Wildlife, Cute

To fence your Garden, Animal Control Melbourne FL recommends you’ll need 36-inch chicken cable to encircle the region. Plan on putting metal or wooden stakes about every four feet and rig up some sort of gate that the long-eared interlopers can’t get under or through. The regional building supply person may provide you hints on that. In case you’ve got another infamous garden pest in your town, deer, you’ll require a taller fence made from something more durable than inch-mesh poultry wire.


Besides a fence, it is a Fantastic idea to line your backyard with items that emit scents the rabbits despise. The most frequently used items are lavender and garlic. They do not like the odor of catnip, possibly, so plant a boundary of the stuff all around your garden. Foxglove and monkshood additionally work because rabbits understand they are poisonous (maybe not recommended when you have children, though). These plants also often repel deer. Another choice is to disperse a concentrated garlic powder named Pro-Tecs. Though these creatures hate camphor, dispersing moth balls or something similar around your premises effectively coats your whole property in toxin which may cause difficulties for you, your pets, your own backyard, and ground water.

A Couple of rabbit-hating (or Rabbit-loving) dogs around the property may also discourage rabbits And deer, but just while the puppies are out running about. After the Dogs go in the home, that the varmints will return. Australia once tried to get a deal on its own out-of-control feral Rabbit population by releasing countless cats to the wild. Mice may Not have survived, but the rabbits lasted damaging native plants, And thumbing their paws at the cats, before a virus deadly just to Rabbits was released. It worked, but That Isn’t a control System Available for you.

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