Fun Dog House Ideas

Are you searching for ways to get your dog house somewhat more exciting or Wildlife Removal? It’s pretty simple to add decorative bits and pieces to an existing dog house design. Here are a few ideas!


All you need is a few curved beams, or you could split some tiny logs in half. Then just nail or glue them on the walls of the home. It doesn’t even require painting – just a lot of non-toxic wood sealant, and you are set. If you are using bare wood as opposed to logs, you can stain them a little darker to look more log-like.

2. Tudor cottage dog home

Another fairly simple option. Next, get some little beams of timber – 2″x1″ or similar – and then stick them in a criss-cross pattern. A quick Google for Tudor cottages should provide you a lot of examples for the very best patterns to use – basically, you need large squares or rectangles with diagonal cross beams. Stain the beams really dark, for that old, weathered wood appearance. You can stain the roofing dark to match, or employ some shingles to look like tiles or create a thatched roof in the event you really want to enter the theme!

3. Victorian house

If you reside in a classic American house, then it can be wonderful to decorate your dog house to match. For this, you need to cover all of the walls with broad, thin beams. You can place them either vertically or horizontally. Then paint them a wonderful color to coordinate with your house. If you are very convenient, a porch is a terrific finishing touch. It may be a pain to place one on the front of the house, and sometimes dogs knock porch columns on their way in. However, you can attach a porch to the side more easily, and it will look just as good.


Cut some battlements from plywood or similar, and glue them on top of the walls. Then attach towers in the corners – square towers are simplest, but round ones seem more fairytale. Paint the entire thing a wonderful stone grey if you are trying for the medieval appearance, or white/cream if you are going to get a more fairytale appearance. You may use a pencil and a ruler to add lines to represent blocks of rock.


This is one of the simplest ways to decorate a doghouse, and it is a good deal of fun to do as a job with kids. Paint the entire home one colour first, and allow it to dry. Then cut some interesting shapes from cardboard – bones and paw-prints are simple and adorable – and show the children how to use the sponges to make the stencil. You may use more than 1 colour with each stencil so you’ve got multi-colored shapes. If the dog house has a wooden platform in front of the doorway (a fantastic idea, as it provides your dog someplace warm and dry to lie if he does not wish to be in the home), it is a wonderful touch to paint it to look like a ‘welcome’ mat – or paint ‘Home Sweet Home’ on it!

However you choose to decorate your dog home, ensure that the underlying construction is great. Your dog does not care how his home looks, but it is going to make a huge difference to him if it is the wrong size, or if it is not properly insulated. Discover how to make a dog house that is best for your dog at Create a Dog

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